The Firm

Jeffrey I. Baum & Associates P.C. is a full service law firm specializing in “sophisticated litigation”. The firm is referred to as a “lawyers’ law firm”, because many transactional firms turn to Jeffrey I. Baum & Associates P.C. when outside resolutions are not likely to occur and   litigants are in the need of court intervention. He has earned the respect and admiration of both colleagues and clients because of his direct personal attention and vigorous courtroom style and attitude.  Mr. Baum handles and oversees all cases from  inception to final resolution with careful and competent representation.
Mr. Baum applies a thorough and logical approach to all lawsuits maintaining a “must-win attitude” that is carefully balanced by the emotional and financial costs to the client.The firm’s clients, whether legal entities or  individuals, matter most. Mr. Baum’s success is based almost exclusively  on client satisfaction and word of mouth, and this preeminently characterizes  the  nature  of this law firm.

Evolution as a Litigator

Mr. Baum has been practicing law throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida since 1987.  He began his career  representing self-insured retail stores. He developed an expertise in the defense of all aspects of premises and product liability. Mr Baum defended the interests of  leading retailers such as Sears Roebuck & Co., Caldor, Inc., Lord & Taylor (then a division of May’s Department Stores), Payless Shoe Source, and many other retail establishments. During that time, various business professionals and individuals  came to admire his courtroom acumen and retained the firm to represent their interests in a variety of established corporate enterprises. This allowed Mr. Baum  to utilize his courtroom skills and talents in a variety of commercial settings dealing with complex and wide ranging commercial issues, negotiations, and ultimately, trials. . Additionally, clients  retain the firm to “pro hoc vice” into other states for a variety or purposes, including  all aspects of trial preparation The firm’s successes generate referrals to other corporate clients who rely on the firm to either participate or oversee (their) litigation interests throughout the country. Currently, Mr. Baum consults with myriad  law firms  to assist his clients in their ever-growing business and trial counsel needs.

Philosophy and Strategy

The firm is selective about caseload and clients in order to ensure that each client is given the proper attention and commitment. Both the client and the attorney must be comfortable and respectful of each others’ ability and needs. Mr. Baum works hard to develop a strong working relationship to obtain the best results. Litigation is often necessary.  Mr. Baum insists on taking on only clients who understand this criterion and requirements for the successful outcomes.
 An initial consultation will quickly demonstrate Jeffrey I. Baum & Associates, P.C.  and Mr. Baum’s skills, intellect and commitment to his  clients.  It is at the introductory meeting  that clients’ begin to  experience firsthand why Mr. Baum’s level of commitment, skills as an attorney, and his track record of success.